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Marimekko Inspired Floral Wreath for $3


1 - Marimekko Uniko inspired Floral Pool Noodle Wreath - Brave New HomeWhen I was unpacking boxes (yes, we moved over a year ago and some things are still in boxes…) I came across a black felt wreath I had started waaaay back when I had participated in Lindsay‘s 31 Day Modern and Fresh Fall Home Tours.

I’m really trying to stay away from crafts and focus my efforts on more permanent home decor and improvements but since this wreath was half done I figured I may as well finish it.

As it’s clearly no longer fall, I thought about what would look good on a black felt wreath.  Marimekko’s Unniko, meaning poppy in Finnish, flower pattern (which just turned 50!) immediately came to mind.

To make this wreath, you will need a pool noodle (I got mine from the dollar store), duct tape, cardboard, tooth picks, a hot glue gun, ribbon or fabric and a couple sheets of felt (they’re about 20 cents a sheet).  So the total cost should be somewhere around $3 since I’m guessing most of you already have most of these items on hand.2 - materials for marimekko inspired wreathFirst take your pool noodle and duct tape the ends.  No need to cut the foam or anything like that.  Just bend and snap tape.3 - pool noodle duck taped into wreath formThen take strips of felt (I cut strips lengthwise from my black sheets of felt), wrap them individually around the pool noodle and hot glue them in place.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until you’ve completely covered your pool noodle.4 - cutting flowers from feltThen trace your flower on your felt.5 - felt pieces of unniko flowerThese are the pieces I cut to assemble my flower.6 - completed marimekko pink felt flowerThen just hot glue the pieces together.  In the end, the stems didn’t really add anything to the wreath so I left them off.7 - gluing cardboard to back of felt flowerThen I cut cardboard (I’m sure many of you parents instantly recognize this kid favorite pasta box) for each flower and glued it on the back to help give the felt flowers more structure.6.5 - arranging felt unniko flowers on black wreathNext, arrange the flowers how you will want them to appear on your wreath.8 - adding toothpick to pack of felt flowerCut the end of a tooth pick and hot glue it to a few of the flowers that you want to pop out in the foreground.  This will give your wreath a bit more dimension.9 - poking hole into wreath formsThe toothpick alone will not penetrate through the felt and pool noodle so use some sort of pokey tool (I used a mini screwdriver) to create a hole.10 - wreath with unikko flowers attachedThen go around and fill in the rest of the flowers.  The majority of them will be glued directly onto the wreath.11 - adding ribbon to hang wreathTo hang the wreath, I used some black and white fabric but a ribbon would work just as well.black marimekko flower wreathYes, the wreath will be so lightweight that you can actually hang it with washi tape alone.felt unniko flower wreathDon’t the flowers kind of seem reminiscent of butterflies somehow?modern pink red flower pool noodle wreathI think this is a fun wreath to display towards the end of winter but not quite yet spring.  I’ve never been one for the typical spring color palette of pastels so something a little bolder like this is definitely more my style.using fabric and washi tape to hold wreathBlack and white goes so well with Marimekko’s Unniko print.  The geometric lines add a nice contrast to the more organic flowers.graphic floral felt pool noodle wreathI think I may even display this is my daughter’s room when it’s past season.  It’s so pretty!felt red pink black pool noodle flower wreathThis post may be linked to any one of these link parties.

P.S. Egg carton wreath and another summery pool noodle wreath.

P.P.S. My Marimekko Unikko wallpapered closet makeover.

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