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LOVE Art with Baby Foot Prints


robert-indiana-inspired-love-baby-foot-print-artLast weekend I asked my four-year-old how he wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day and much like his response to commemorate sleeping in his own bed, he wanted to make some art!  He also wanted to eat at a restaurant for both lunch and dinner (two kids + one adult + a restaurant on Valentine’s Day = uh, no thank you).  A penchant for creating art and incessantly eating out, yeah that’s my kid alright!materials-for-love-foot-print-artI decided to go with something modern that both kids could help create.  I used Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture as inspiration.

For this project, you’ll need a canvas and some black and white acrylic paint.  I’ve been going a little art crazy since stumbling upon these heavily clearanced canvases at the craft store so you can expect a lot more art tutorials coming your way in the near future!sketching-robert-indiana-love-on-canvasI started by just sketching out the letters L and E of the word LOVE intending to use the side of my four-year-old’s hands for the O and the baby’s feet for the V.using-side-of-kids-hand-to-make-artOf course, it was way easier getting my four-year-old to cooperate (and not get black paint all over the place).  The baby’s feet took two tries.painting-love-art-with-kidsTo get the feet to look more graphic and less like an ink stamp, I went over them again with acrylic paint once they dried.correcting-kids-artI never would have said anything about the O but my son, who was very involved with the whole process, looked over my shoulder while I was photographing our progress and said, “Uh, mommy, that O is kind of ugly.”  So with his permission we mixed some grey paint and simply painted on an O instead of trying to stamp one with his hands.black-white-baby-foot-print-love-artMuch better!modern-love-art-black-white-baby-foot-printIt’s sort of hard to tell from the photos but all the whites are actually shades of grey.love-baby-foot-print-DIY-black-white-artI definitely need to figure out some pretty way to frame this piece because it’s a keeper.love-kids-art-modernI can’t believe how big our baby’s feet are getting already, sniff sniff.  It’s going by so much faster this second time around, I swear.modern-love-art-black-white-baby-foot-printThis post may be linked to any one of these link parties.

I think I need to squeeze in some more of these hand print type projects before my kids get any bigger!

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