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DIY Wooden Modern Cuckoo Clock


modern-cuckoo-clock-tutorial-by-Brave-New-HomeWhen I was approached by some blogging friends to participate in a craft challenge, it was an obvious heck yeah!  First, I totally had bought all the supplies I needed for this exact project weeks (probably months ago) and have just been sitting on them.  And second, did you see the line up of other bloggers participating?  Seriously, some of my favs.craft wood challenge

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There were just two simple rules to follow:


1.  Create something to adorn your walls.

2.  Use craft wood.

That’s it!  You may remember I made a similarly shaped clock a while ago though that one was a chalkboard clock made of foam board.  Well, we had a heatwave and the foam board warped overnight.  I was able to salvage the clock movement and re-use it for this project.materials-for-modern-cuckoo-clockI picked up a small sheet of craft wood from Michael’s for around $5 (I’m sure a coupon was involved) and a round piece of craft wood for 30 cents.  Those pre-cut pieces are so great.  As I mentioned, the movement I already had and for the arm of the cuckoo clock I used a chopstick.craft-wood-modern-house-cutoutI marked the shape of a house in pencil and had my husband use a jigsaw to make the cutout.  Then I decided on the placement of my movement.drilling-hole-in-craft-wood-for-clockTo avoid splintering, I started with a small bit and moved my way up to a 3/8″ bit.sanding-craft-wood-modern-cuckoo-clockI gave the whole thing, especially the edges, a good sanding.assembling-modern-cuckoo-clockI used wood glue to attach my pieces together and covered it with duct tape for extra support.finishing-paste-wax-on-craft-wood-projectI really wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint the whole clock, create a dipped effect, add numbers, etc. so I waited to see the clock pieced together before making any decisions.  Ultimately, I decided to just give it a coat of finishing wax for a more finished look.  I love how it brings out the grain of the wood.modern-DIY-cuckoo-wood-clockOverall, a very easy project.  My four-year-old was super bummed that the pendulum didn’t actually work.  My mom is German and of course has a cuckoo clock in her house so my little guy is very familiar with the concept.DIY-cuckoo-clock-pendulumI had a lot of chopsticks and wood dowels but chose this particular chopstick that I previously used to stir white paint.  The white circle cutout is a lighter wood than the house shape so the white in the chopstick helps transition the two wood tones without it being such a hard contrast.modern-clock-handsAll you need is one AA battery for the clock to work.  See, at least some parts of the clock actually work!DIY-house-shaped-wood-clockSeeing pictures of projects I’ve done always gets my wheels turning.  Just looking at this one I’m envisioning how the clock would look if I painted the edge of the house a bright color like yellow.clock-hands-DIY-wood-wall-clockAnd this picture makes me think I should have dropped the pendulum down a bit lower.  I don’t have a home for this clock yet but am thinking of adding it to our bonus room that I’m working on for the One Room Challenge (more details tomorrow!).DIY-modern-cuckoo-wood-wall-clockThank you Lemon Thistle, Petite Modern Life, Squirrelly Minds, Persia Lou, Annabode and Nalle’s House for participating in this fun challenge with me!  I can’t wait to see what kind of smart projects you came up with.

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