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Mini Planters from Plastic Easter Eggs


Thanks!: Thank you to Anna of Annabode for nominating Brave New Home for a Liebster Award.  Check out some of my past answers for this award here and here.  Thanks, Anna!

DIY-mini-bullet-planter-case-study-planter-plastic-easter-eggsAs a parent, there are certain phenomenons you must inevitably succumb to.  Never being allowed to lock the bathroom door behind you (you can try but be prepared to answer questions like, Why is the bathroom door locked? and, Are you doing number or number two?).  Tacking on an additional 20 minutes per child to get your foot out the door.  And a collection of plastic Easter eggs that seem to multiply like well, another icon ubiquitous to Easter, bunnies.

I made a mental note to myself last year to figure out some way to make a dent in our plastic Easter egg stash and came up with these mini planters.materials-for-plastic-egg-mini-planterYou’ll need as big of a plastic Easter egg that you can find, black and white spray paint (I ended up using some primer, too), wire and popciscle sticks.

I made a bullet planter from the top of the Easter egg.steps-to-create-easter-egg-bullet-planterThe traditional bullet planter has a three legged stand but since my wire had a smaller gauge, I opted to make four legs for added support.  Start with four pieces of wire, bend one end of the wire over the egg and use the natural curve of the wire in your design.  It will fit the egg perfectly.  Repeat on the other side then twist together at the bottom.

Do the same for the next set of wire.  At this point, I taped all the wires down to keep them in place.  Then I folded the wire a bit the way you would those plastic lanyards you used to make at summer camp.  Or, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you could just twist them together.  Then I folded the ends to make hairpin type legs.  How many trends can I squeeze into one project, right?

My next planter was inspired by those Modernica case study planters.  Swoon!process-modern-planter-from-easter-eggMake marks on your popsicle stick to measure the diameter of your egg.  Then cut the rounded ends off four popsicle sticks.  For the base, you’ll want your egg to lay flat so instead of gluing one popsicle stick on top of the other to make a cross, hot glue the wood to either side of the stick.  For extra reinforcement (it’s funny to be talking about reinforcement when we’re talking about popsicle sticks…), flip the base over and hot glue an extra piece of popsicle stick.  Then glue the legs to the base.priming-plastic-easter-eggI decided to prime my Easter eggs before spray painting them with white in case the red of the egg bled through the white.  And the wire legs got a coat of ORB.mini-case-study-planter-plastice-easter-eggThen fill up your little planters with plants or grow some of your own. elephant-watering-can-mini-case-study-diy-planterIf you wanted to, you could even drill little holes in the bottom for drainage (I didn’t).mini-modernica-bullet-planter-plastic-easter-eggmini-bullet-planter-plastic-easter-eggmodernica-inspired-case-study-mini-planter-diyThe Modernica inspired one is my favorite.  I wish it was full size!diy-mini-planter-plastic-easter-eggcraft-from-plastic-easter-eggDo you have any favorite ways for re-using plastic Easter eggs?  I don’t want to keep recycling the extras every year if there’s some awesome purpose I’m missing out on!

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