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How to Transfer Kids Art to Canvas


how-to-transfer-kids-art-to-canvas-Brave-New-HomeMost kids are little artists and while almost every artwork deserves to be hung on the fridge some pieces deserve a little special attention.original-grey-marker-kids-artLast month, my four-year-old drew my portrait (obviously).

Mushy mom moment here: It was around Valentine’s Day.  My husband was deployed for our anniversary and Valentine’s day (two back-to-back holidays for us) yet again.  My Galentine’s Day plans (a Valentine’s celebration with your gal pals) were falling apart.  I was feeling understandably a bit down.

I talked to my little guy about it and he left the room and returned with this sweet portrait of me with a big heart because he loves me so much.  Of course, I love the picture he drew but more than that I love the thought even more.

The drawing was on a piece of paper he torn from a notebook.  Not exactly the best candidate for framing.  So I decided to transfer it to a blank canvas (after asking the artist’s permission, of course!).tracing-kids-art-to-transferI started by flipping the paper over and generously tracing the drawing with pencil.orienting-kids-art-on-canvasThen I positioned the drawing on a square canvas.  The off-center positioning makes the composition feel more artistic and intentional to me.transfering-kids-art-rubbing-pencilThen using the back of my pencil, I rubbed the front of the drawing to transfer the pencil onto the canvas.kids-art-transferred-to-canvasYou can see the faint pencil outline on the canvas.  If you want to keep the original as-is, I suggest making a photocopy to work off of.grey-painted-kids-art-transferred-on-canvasThen I painted over the lines in dark acrylic grey paint.  Keeping the lines a consistent width will help add polish to the final painting.DIY-child-drawing-transferred-to-canvasI haven’t decided where this painting will go just yet but I’m thinking on the wall by my computer.  It’s touching because of the reason my son chose to draw the picture itself but the painting also serves as a reminder to me.  I was so focused on what was missing (my husband, girlfriends, etc.) that I failed to see the joy right in front of me (my son).  Talk about a poignant and humbling moment.DIY-childrens-art-rubbed-on-canvasI think I may make it an annual habit of commissioning my little artist to draw my portrait.  He’s currently pretty reasonably price and will complete most work for a chocolate or gummy vitamin.  I should probably hedge my commissioned drawings now before he starts charging, yaknow, an i-Phone.  How fun would a wall of portraits from over the years be?  Now there’s a fun gallery wall idea!

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